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Vanity Fair is a monthly magazine of popular culture, fashion, and current affairs published by Condé Nast in the United States. The first version of Vanity Fair was published from 1913 to 1936. The imprint was revived in 1983 and currently includes five international editions of the magazine. As of 2018, the Editor-in-Chief is Radhika Jones.

Shannon is done with the magazine and writes so on, "I have subscribed to Vanity Fair for 20 years and I'm canceling my subscription. I'm DONE! I should have done it 5 years ago. This used to be a GREAT magazine with amazing writers and photographers, now it's just a Progressive liberal RAG! I hate this magazine now, I literally throw it when it arrives, I hate it that much. I really hope it folds, it's NOTHING like the magazine it was when Dunne was there. It's not fit to line your birdcage. An absolute F!"


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Yuanlong Qiao says

"Just look at the articles and you will see what I mean."

endsley says

"I have loved this magazine for over 20 years. Im 68 years old. Since THAT WOMAN took over Editorship it is a boring, ass kissing and regrettable I used to recommend it to young women as they were leaving college and maybe first marriages. Now I recommend AIR MAIL. You Get lost in covid shuffle Vanity Fair. "

sally says

"Do not buy it. Certainly do not subscribe to it. It sucks. It is all political propaganda for left. Nothing good left. "

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